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Murrain Associates, with over 20 years of experiences is a recognized healthcare, management and governance expert in both the public and private sector. We provide Executive management experience including P & L responsibility, business strategy and project development, staff recruitment and development. Murrain Associates has also developed a presence and experience in International Trade focused on the Sourcing and Manufacturing of textiles and related items.

Murrain Associates is an interdisciplinary experienced group of professionals with expertise in a variety of areas. Teams and skills are assembled from among our professionals and associates as the specific project and clients may require.

OUR Clients


  • Alliance for Quality Education, Inc
  • Georgia Association for Primary Healthcare
  • MBA Wellness Centers
  • Four Corners Primary Care Centers
  • Jade Textiles
  • National Oceanographic Atmospheric Administration
  • Toyota Motor Sales, Inc

About us

 Once engaged, Murrain Associates assesses the needs of its clients, prepares a plan and delivers services tailored to the client's specific needs.   We employ, retain and will assemble an experienced pool of professionals as the occasion may require. 

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We have a proven record of providing our clients with a cross-section of services for simple, short-term, multi-year, complex and interdisciplinary projects. We pride ourselves on our ability to concisely identify our clients' needs along with our ability to deploy cutting edge approaches to executing tasks related to our core competencies. Murrain Associates is dedicated to providing exceptional services which assure quality outcomes for our clients. Once engaged, Murrain Associates immerses itself into the challenged project in an effort to perform a comprehensive assessment of the challenges which confront our client. In addition to addressing the challenge at hand, our goal is to develop an enhanced infrastructure which empowers client ability to achieve their goals.

Our core capabilities are:

  • Program and Business Development and Management
  • Grant Development, review and management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Fiscal Planning/Management
  • Governance and Organizational Development
  • Healthcare Policy and Management
  • Product Sourcing, Development, Manufacture and Procurement